Nutri Genetics

The key to optimizing your physical health, based on analysis of your genetic profile

Your DNA, which makes up your genetic profile, is a unique combination of information assembled from your parents’ DNA. Your personal collection of genes contains all the information needed to ensure your healthy physical functioning. And everyone’s DNA has some defects, copying errors which are also referred to as SNPs [pronounced ‘snips’]. These genetic mutations are very often the basis of the complaints and illnesses that are encountered by someone in his or her life. Most likely all health problems have a genetic aspect to some extent.

Here to the right is a small sample of the enormous wealth in information available through working with your genetic profile.

Have your DNA analysed,

health issues identified,

and organic processes supported where needed

Nutri Genetic research can determine your health weaknesses, genetically speaking. Nutri Genetics explores the relationship between genetics based predisposition, and metabolism as well as nutrition. It provides unprecedented insights into the genetic structure responsible for your physical complaints. Once your genetic patterns and mutations in your DNA are analyzed, predispositions for any health issues can be identified and dealt with in different ways. The functions of the body’s metabolism can be supported where necessary, with the help of a personally attuned lifestyle, nutritional advice and especially designed yet affordable supplements.

The process for analysis of, and treatment based on, your genetic profile for health issues is as follows.

  1. Apply: The first step is let Studio Meijers order a specialized NutriGenetic DNA test-kit in the U.S.A., which focuses on health and metabolism. Costs are €299,- for the kit, including the setting up of and license for a personal account in the analyzing software, but excluding any shipping and custom expenses. Those might add up, so you’re advised to enquire about those beforehand. When you have a genetic profile from, that actually works well enough as well. Although the amount of data and SNPs isn’t as large, it’s certainly good enough to work with.
  2. Analysis: The analysis and interpretation of the raw data is done with especially developed software. This is the actual Nutri Genetic research, which takes place in Patrick’s Studio. This analysis itself does not require a personal appointment. Privacy is 100% guaranteed.
  3. Results & Advise: The interpretation and explanations do require a 1 hour-long appointment, either in person, or over Skype / FaceTime. For the analysis, together with the interpretation and explanations, fees will be charged at €140,-. This includes fees for Patrick’s licensing and use of the special software
  4. Treatment plan: Based on the analysis and interpretation, a treatment plan is proposed. Usually this consists of both an orthomolecular approach as well as an energetic approach to resolve and relieve the negative effects of the SNPs in your profile. Specific supplements enable you to compensate for specific genetic weaknesses. These supplements are especially designed to support you effectively at an affordable price. Check the table to the right here for prices and options.

Energetic treatment, using the deepest available VortexHealing energetic tools, helps to relieve and often resolve the effects of the SNPs on the functioning of the system. VortexHealing Divine Healing Energy ‘Genetic Modifications’ reduce the negative impact of genetic mutations and their effects. Short sessions will focus on the core of the issue, while full sessions have a more integrative approach to your system and health.

How a personal treatment plan treatment looks, depend entirely upon the individual. As you can maybe sense from the slide show at the right top of the page, my genetic system was a ‘train wreck’ in some respects, but exceptionally well in others. Each person’s process is unique, depending on one’s priorities and complaints patterns.

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