Health Energy Boost Workshop

Distant healing session, nourishment for Life

‘Health Energy Boost’ is a monthly distant healing workshop with the sole purpose of nourishing and nurturing. The one hour session is set up to strengthen your physical energy and to help improve your health. Many view this as the first and most essential step for everyone interested in self-care and self-awareness.

This workshop is a huge support in bringing up the quality and quantity of energy in your system. Several deeper aspects of your body health are an intrinsic part of the healing:

  • Constitutional energies

    Your constitution is your congenital physical makeup. It is determined by genetic factors as well as by circumstantial factors from conception to birth. VortexHealing is unique in that with it we’re able to bring up the level of energy in this aspect of your system. The physical constitution is the cornerstone of health, and important to maintain for general health and longevity. VortexHealing helps to improve the constitutional energies of all your meridians, the jin shin pathways and the all organ energies.

  • Meridians

    These are the pathways that run through the body. Not just the well known 12 main meridians are optimized, but also the less known and often deeper pathways.

  • Jin Shin pathways

    Jin Shin refers to the network of pathways supplying the meridians with the necessary energy. These pathways are deeper and more subtle than meridians are. Jin Shin Jyutsu is a fairly well known system of healing that helps to balance this level of pathways. VortexHealing takes this a level deeper, helping to improve on the Jin Shin system itself as well as on the jin Shin energies.

  • Voridians

    Voridians are much like meridians. The main difference is that voridians are only to be found deep inside the body, as networks of pathways around the different organs. Acupuncture is unable to get at these because of their location in the body.

  • Organ energies

    The organs are of course part of one larger system, together with the meridians. Different organ energies are Lungs, Large Intestine, Stomach, Spleen, Heart, Small Intestine, Bladder, Kidneys, Pericardium, Three Heater, Gallbladder and Liver.

  • Subtle organ system

    This less known aspect of the human energy system is crucial for health. It mirrors the different physical health aspects but can also have it’s own weaknesses arising from deeper consciousness or environmental factors. Sometimes energy work on this system is key to resolving unexplained health issues. It is for example and essential step in helping to clear IgG food allergies [gut related sensitivities].

  • Chakras

    Chakras are the energy centers functioning as interfaces between the personal energy system and the environment. The root chakra and crown chakra more function as a means of alignment to ‘earth’ and ‘heaven’. The other chakras are key in the experience of relationships [2nd chakra], ‘self’ strength [3rd chakra], fulness and warmth of emotional awareness [4th chakra], sense of expression [5th chakra] and clarity [6th chakra]. Chakras help to translate the impulses from the environment into emotional physical impact to the system. In extreme cases chakras can be inverted or non active, broken. VortexHealing is a very effective modality to help correct and restore all chakras to their natural strengths and abilities.

  • Energetic Bodies

    Besides the obvious physical body, the human energy system also has other more subtle bodies. Thus far we know of the emotional, mental, spiritual, etheric, astral and vibrational body, as well as of an energetic body specifically designed to align with and support the functioning of the nervous system.

The first and sometimes only step necessary for deep healing
is to upgrade the energy system.
This Health Energy Boost has a deep impact on all physical aspects of your being,
nurturing and nourishing where most needed.

This one hour healing workshop is 100% effective at a distance, using the deepest and most advanced energy tools of  VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing.

More often than not a persons energy levels are inadequate to feed the body its necessary energies and to maintain good health. This affects every day life, and also has deep impact on the ability to live one’s purpose in life. Spiritual deepening and awakening doesn’t require good health, but it sure helps. Life is an energy flow, holding on takes energy, letting go does too. Research shows it’s striking how often issues on different levels have a disbalance or lack of energy on a physical level as a root cause. Naturally it differs from person to person where and how the energy can and will be improved in this workshop. The Health Energy Boost distant healing is custom made in that sense.

Please note: in case of specific health issues such as burn out or exhaustion, it is recommended to also schedule personal sessions before and/ore after the Health Energy Boost sessions.

Check the schedule for dates and times of the distant healings.

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