Personal Qi Acupuncture

Based on Classical Chinese wisdom, applied in our age of awakening

Personal Qi
Your Personal Qi is the imprint received at the start of life, responsible for the quantity and quality of your energy and health. As a basis for treatment it takes the effects into account of your specific genetic-physical factors in combination with your karmic-mental-emotional background. This type of what we could call ‘original acupuncture’ distinguishes itself by the fact that the treatment and choice of acupuncture points are intrinsically based on your Personal Qi imprint, and not so much on the acute complaints or symptoms at hand.

Acupuncture for physical body symptoms and health problems
When the characteristics of your Personal Qi have been determined, it becomes clear what your critical weaknesses and strengths are in terms of body and health. The weaknesses [Xiang Kè Qi] are treated for pathology. The strengths [Xiang Sheng Qi] are treated preventively.

Acupuncture as a support for life process
If acute health problems don’t need to treated as such, it creates a space to go deeper. Essentially, to treat character trades on a health level. Personal Qi acupuncture helps to balance the personality characteristics by treating health in a deeply intuitive yet also almost mathematical way.

Personal Qi acupuncture helps to align to your purpose in life. The goal in life, for all of mankind, is to embody the Tai-ji, the great supreme. In the Tai-ji all imprints dissolve, and a new natural balance and order arises. Not living life aligned to the Tai-ji inevitably has its implications on a health level. This is addressed by this ‘original acupuncture’.

The penetrating force of the Tài Jí emanates within the five heavens.
the force behind the five planets, and functioning in the incarnated physical organs. 

Personal Qi Acupuncture is this knowledge, applied.

Aspects of Personal Qi
To calculate the characteristics of Personal Qi, different aspects need to be taken into account. The first aspect of your Personal Qi is the so-called heavenly stem and earthly branch of your birth year. These stems and branches are ‘strong points’ of a person, in terms of genetic and physical aspects of the being. If your complaint pattern is in one or more of these aspects, the stem and branch of the year are the main principle for treatment.

The second aspect of your Personal Qi is the heavenly stem and earthly branch of your date of birth. This stem and branch are your ‘strong points’ in terms of your character and behaviour. When symptoms or complaints in this area, call for treatment, the stem and the branch of the month will be taken into account as the starting point for treatment.

The stem, the branch and the third component, when a person is born, either in the first or second part of the year, together form your Personal Qi, the imprint you receive from life and characterisation of your strengths.


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