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Based in Zutphen, Netherlands, Patrick Meijers works as an therapist internationally. Modalities used are VortexHealing® Divine Healing Energy, Personal Qi Acupuncture, Nutri Genetics, Psychomotor Therapy, Tuina Chinese Massage and N.A.E.T. Allergy Elimination Techniques.

You can enjoy an in person personal healing session in any of five cities in the Netherlands where Patrick works regularly. Highly recommended are the workshops: ‘Health Energy Boost’ and ‘Karmic Acceleration’.

VortexHealing® Divine Energy Healing as well as Nutri Genetics are 100% effective in distant sessions. For these, we use the privacy secure Whereby video call platform to have a conversation beforehand, and a feedback email is sent afterwards.

Heal your body, spirit and mind


VortexHealing® Energy Healing heals the physical body on an incredibly deep level. It also transforms and releases the karmic and genetic roots of emotional and mental conditioned behaviour and patterning. This magical healing art  impacts all of the aspects of the energy system, including all chakra’s, energy pathways and energy bodies. Essentially, from a deep connection to the Divine, VortexHealing awakens the Heart to Awareness, Being, Love, Light.
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Nutri Genetics

Explore your DNA! Learn which genetic predispositions and mutations play a key part in your health and well being. Through analysis of your genome with special software, we’re able to locate which particular gene functions may be impaired. These can then be transformed using VortexHealing® techniques as well as compensated for with special and affordable supplements.
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Personal Qi Acupunctuur

Personal Qi acupuncture works with a personal treatment plan attuned to your sex, year of birth and birth date. It’s based on Classic Chinese traditions: knowledge of Heavenly Stems and Earthly Branches, balancing the universal imprints your system was impacted with at birth. Simply put, to achieve health and well being, treatment will always counterbalance the effects of the constellation you were born under. This approach impacts your system on an incredibly deep level.
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Psychomotor Therapy

Psychomotor Therapy is a body-mind approach which helps people identify and meet their behavioral patterns, attitudes and needs through physical activity.

N.A.E.T. Allergietherapie

Using the renowned N.A.E.T. Allergy Elimination Technique and muscle testing, discover ànd treat your allergies and sensitivities – be it IgE, IgG or other reactions.
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Tuina Massage

Although the Therapy Studio is not a massage practice, often knowledge and skills from the Traditional Chinese massage technique Tuina are applied. Tuina is a profound approach, helpful with a wide variety of physical and emotional health issues.

VortexHealing® distant healing sessions

A session VortexHealing® Divine Healing Energy doens’t require you to be physically present in the studio. The technique is 100% effective at a distance. A regular session is usually one hour long, which includes a short talk on a Whereby video call. Whereby is a free app, which works on all phones as well as on all computers. Just do not use the Safari browser, as that sometimes gives issues with the sound.

For deeper work or specific situations, often a longer session of an hour and a half is recommended. It’s very common to set up a healing project of five sessions. On the VortexHealing page on this website you see the discounted price for such a project. After your session you will receive an email with feedback, and a personal advise on do’s and don’t in the light of the issue that was worked on during the session.

Nutri Genetics consultation

After you’ve received your genetic profile from the indicated laboratory, this raw data can be processed by the special software. The results of the Nutri Genetics analysis can of course be discussed live in the practice in Zutphen, Netherlands, or just as well on Whereby video call. Whereby is a free app, which works on all phones as well as on all computers. Just do not use the Safari browser, as that sometimes gives issues with the sound.

Together we will explore and investigate the genetic aspects, kinks and predispositions that are affecting your health and happiness. Based on which genetic mutations your system has, you will also receive a personal custom made advise on lifestyle, diet and eating habits. Often specific and affordable supplements are recommended to help compensate for the specific weaknesses.

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