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N.A.E.T. Allergy therapy is intended for anyone who has any adverse reactions to one or more substances. This adverse reaction can range from a innocent seeming skin rash to severe reactions such as an anaphylactic shock. The substance for which someone may be allergic or intolerant may be anything; Nutrients, environmental substances, animal substances, vaccines, drugs, textiles, chemical components, pollen, etc. The reaction can also take many forms, ranging from asthma, eczema, migraine, depression, addictions, hormonal disorders, joint pain, cardiac arrhythmias, abdominal complaints to more vague complaints, more difficult to diagnose.

The treatment is suitable for everyone. and therefore also. If someone can’t be tested and treated, which is usually the case for very young children or babies and for weak or disabled people, it works through a surrogate person. A session takes about 20 to 25 minutes. A half hour is scheduled for the consultation.

The treatment as a whole consists of the following steps: testing, treating, integrating, avoiding.

– The client sits on the side of the treatment table, fully dressed, and holding a N.A.E.T. test substance tube. Clients who can’t be muscle tested, such as babies or weaker people can be tested through a surrogate person, present at the same time.
– Through kinesiology (muscle tests), the wisdom of the own body is asked if the client is allergic to the test substance.
– When the client’s body intelligence indicates an allergy or hypersensitivity, it is tested if necessary whether the allergy is physical, chemical or emotional. A combination of these three is of course also possible.
– Lastly, it’s diagnosed through muscle testing which antibody reactions the client suffers from. This can be IgE [often direct reations, such as headaches] or IgG [intestinal wall and mucus membranes reactions]. More rare are IgA, IgE and IgM antibody reactions, these are only tested for when needed.

– The client now lies on the treatment table, on his or her belly, and still fully dressed. Acupressure together with VortexHealing to deepen the effects is begin applied to the Blatter meridian acupuncture points along both sides of the spine. Particular points on the Kidney and Large Intestine meridians are also treated.
– Finally the treatment is integrated into the clients system, again using acupressure and Vortexhealing on a number of specific pressure points.

– In some instances, it’s necessary for the client to still hold the test substance for a few minutes after the treatment. It is important not to cross the legs in this final phase.

Avoidance phase:
– At home, the client preferably avoids contact with the substance tested for 24 hours [the meridian clock]. It may be that only physical contact should be avoided, it is also possible that a certain distance must be observed. This is tested for with muscle testing, when unclear.

If the avoidance phase is properly observed, the allergy will usually disappear after treatment. In a number of cases, repetition is required for optimal results. In other cases N.A.E.T. doesn’t resolve the allergic reactions completely. Although it brings relief, the deeper root cause of the allergy will need to be treated with VortexHealing before N.A.E.T. will be fully effective.

Background information on the N.A.E.T. protocol

N.A.E.T. stands for ‘Nambudripad’s Allergy Elimination Technique.’ It’s a painless, simple and highly effective way of treating allergies. Also (over) sensitivities and intolerances can be resolved very well. In the Therapiestudio, the treatment method of N.A.E.T. is added to with VortexHealing for deeper effects and optimal results. Research shows this combination to be the most effective approach.

The traditional method of N.A.E.T. has been developed over the course of several decades. According to this generally successful method, allergies and sensitivities must be treated in a particular order. Except for cases emergencies, it’s recommended to follow these procedures. First, a basic set of 10 test substances must be tested before continuing with other substances. Any allergy a client might have usually coincides with one or more allergies to these basic substances. Among these are grain mix, minerals, sugar mix, yeast mix, calcium mix, egg mix. It’s remarkable how often clients aren’t aware of their basic sensitivities, which can be the case when other allergies are more apparent. Often, treatment of the basic allergies helps to calm the system, resolve other allergies, create space for the body to start recovering and build up strength.

Prices as of October 2015
N.A.E.T. SessionCosts
[60 minutes]
Consecutive treatments
[30 minutes]
VortexHealing to get at root cause of allergies
[regular 60 minutes session]

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